My Mantra

Work to Live. Live to Serve. Serve to Leave a Legacy
High School Computer Science Teacher
Every student deserves to have the opportunity to learn how our digital world works. But computer science isn't just learning how to code. Collaboration, problem solving, iteration, and more are learned in computer science. These skills will be applied to every future job our students take, even the ones that haven't been thought of yet.
Summer Camp Assistant Camp Director
Kids learn valuable life-long skills while being at camp. How to live on their own without parents. Time management. Responsibility. Caring for one another. What many parents don't see are the skills learned by the staff as they venture into the world of employment. Job Interviews. Onboarding. Living along side others. Advocation. Employer relationships.
Youth Service Group Volunteer
What better way to learn than to be given responsibility and have someone there to catch you when you stumble. Given the opportunity, students learn to manage their time, build a team, communicate with people older than them, and create a budget. All this is accomplished while having fun and giving back to others.


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